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Stevie Fox: Naturally Fabulous

I am a skincare junkie -- but you already know that about me.

Over the past few years, I've decided to invest in my skin and start wearing less makeup. Yep, I was that foundation/bronzer/eyebrow powder/eyeliner/mascara kinda gal... and I just got sick of it. I still use a few products, but I've mostly switched my blushes, highlighters and primers for serums, essences and moisturizers, in the hopes of getting a real glow from within instead of a fake one that disappears at the end of the day.

Getting pregnant brought yet another beauty realization: I need to stay away from chemicals as much as possible and select products that won't harm me, my baby, the animals or the Earth. I want to live a long and healthy life, and my skincare routine should reflect that!

That's why I was so happy when Stevie Fox reached out to me and offered me to try some of their products. I had already started following them a few days before and I was already obsessed with their aesthetic. Plus, they're Canadian, so I was excited to discover a new brand from my own country!

About Stevie Fox

Stevie Fox is a vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable skincare brand based in Ontario. Their ultimate goal? Making your skin glow without harming the planet. They use sustainable ingredients like cactus, bamboo, kale, upcycled berry serum, naturally renewable minerals like azulene and hematite, volcanic white lava dust, highly renewable highly active natural oils such as avocado, meadowfoam, marula, only green beauty emulsifiers, palm oil-free, eco-shimmers... the list goes on. Their glass jars, metal lids and recycled kraft paper packaging is also 100% recyclable, biodegradable and zero waste.

But it doesn't stop there. Stevie Fox is also an official 1% For the Planet Partner, an organization which helps fund these diverse environmental organizations so that collectively they can be a more powerful source in solving the world’s problems. Plus, the brand has founded the Kale Society, which you can join simply by placing an order on their website -- the membership offers exclusive discount codes, Stevie samples, and a chance to test out new unreleased products. With every order, you'll get a Kale Society plantable Wildflower seed card made from biodegradable eco-paper upcycled from post-consumer waste (no trees harmed), with a surprise Kale Society YUM PERK. You can use your YUM PERK online, then plant your card and watch your new flowers grow!

The Products

I've had the opportunity to pick two products to try out; I went for one everyday product, and one weekly treatment.


Serums are my favourite skincare product -- I'm obsessed! When you find the perfect serum, your skin literally changes before your eyes.

That's pretty much what happened with the Dope Pony serum. Made of vegan hyaluronic Acid, it binds moisture to reduce and prevent fine lines and promote skin elasticity. Believe it or not, it holds 1000 times its weight in water -- talk about super plump, hydrated skin! Combined with the brand's proprietary blend of Peptides, which lift and firm by helping your skin create more collagen and protect the collagen you have, and Glycogen, which promotes cell renewal and increases the glow factor. Oh, and it's an editor's pick at for top Hyaluronic Acid (HA) serums!

First of all, I must say that my skin was EXTREMELY red and dehydrated the first time I tried this serum, so I honestly thought I wouldn't see any difference. I applied a few drops on clean skin, just after a few "pshhh" of rose water. The magic happened instantly: I still had a bit of redness, but my skin was supple and hydrated, and I had that J.Lo glow we're all craving. It's honestly one of the best -- if not the best -- serums I've ever used.


Stevie Fox calls it a "facelift in a jar"; as someone who has started getting injections a few years ago, I was definitely curious, especially since Botox is a no-no during pregnancy.

The La La Lit mask is made of banana (it smells heavenly!), lactic acid and papaya: the perfect enzymatic exfoliation for an all-natural peel effect without the downtime. The brand recommends doing a test patch first for 1 minute. Then, it's super easy: simply apply it on clean skin and leave it on for 1 minute if you have sensitive skin, and up to 2 minutes for non-sensitive skin. The result? No more fine lines, scars and hyper pigmentation.

Since my skin is very sensitive, I left the mask on for 1 minute, then rinsed it and then went on with my regular skincare routine (including, of course, the Dope Pony serum). At first, my skin felt nice and fresh, but I didn't notice anything special. However, after an hour, I looked at my face in the mirror, and wow, I looked like I had slept 14 hours! My skin was smooth, my cheeks were full... I looked GOOD. Plus, it didn't cause any redness, which I'm always worried about with face masks. Honestly, this mask is unlike anything I've ever tried before -- I highly recommend giving it a try.

Craving all-natural skincare products that will give you the ultimate glow?

Look no further: Stevie Fox has got you covered!

Shop online on the brand's website and give them a follow on Instagram!

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